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Welcome to Bunbury Flying School


Bunbury Flying School conducts CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority) approved training courses from Private Pilot to Commercial Pilot Licence with Multi-Engine Instrument Rating, and also specialises in Instructor Ratings. 


The Flying School is located at Bunbury Airport, 145 km south of Perth on the scenic south-west coast of Western Australia. The low traffic density of the local airspace is ideal for early flying training, and the higher density environment of Perth is conveniently located for the advanced stages.


Our aim is to give you a genuine operational capability, i.e. teach you to do what you are licenced to do, and do it well.  This entails not only controlling an aeroplane competently; it also requires you to perform procedures effectively with understanding; to use in-depth knowledge to enhance performance beyond the routine; and most importantly, to manage the flight: to plan, monitor, prioritise, exercise sound judgement and make confident command decisions. Training is carefully structured using a step-by-step building block approach where each lesson lays the foundation for the next. There is no unstructured hour building, and every hour, dual and solo, is used productively to develop your skills.